Space Structure


They say that the most difficult thing about taking pictures is to do it when there is nothing to photograph. Once I found myself in a place that had nothing at all. Just the sea, the sand line and the sky. An enormous void that reminds of an empty stage. Man has nothing to do here except for walking along the shore which remains just the same miles and hours away. No matter how long you’ve been walking, you seem to stay in the same place, seeing the same sand, water and the sky.

In a space like this you easily lose the idea of boundaries, as well as the sense of reality and time. Everyone and everything seems to be near, but at the same time people are fenced by the void which feels like a concrete wall.

It is because of this void that we, the dwellers of the big and growingly stuffy city, are in desperate need for silence, air and personal space. The personal space of an individual, a couple or a group – this is what all of us need, even inanimate buildings and constructions.

“Space Structure” consists of two parts: summer and winter. In both of them I use as clear and flat space as possible, like a white sheet of paper, this space is organized by artificial constructions and symbols, small shapes of people that rather suggest than mark human presence.