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Concrete Is Liquid

Interesting photos need captions to understand what is depicted in them, beautiful photos need the indication of place, whereas other photos do not need words at all.  Why do I look at “uninteresting” and “ugly” pictures? Probably the only honest answer that I can give is because I love them, I love the very sense of seeing. But who or what makes such photographs visible?

Being a spectator, in general, I do nothing at all, seeing is produced somewhere inside me, on its own.

Being a photographer, I  look for something that can provoke the spectator to get interested in seeing pictures, any of them, I look for something that will trigger the alchemical reaction inside him or her. This trigger causes a failure in seeing, the incorrect recognition, while the actual understanding of what is happening does not disappear. What creates a gap between the reality and the visible enables multiple misinterpretations.

The trigger does not exist in real space, without a camera, but the image does not have it either. Maybe it is inherent in that constantly disappearing gap, or delta, where I actually see this seeing.