The Great Dog

The Great Dog
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Acquired Reflex


“Parenting begins from the moment when the puppy has become your family’s property. From now on you are going to be his adored master, you must obey without any objection, and carefully guard your flock and goods. In order to fully submit a dog and become a leader for it, it is required to show firmness and confidence. If you neglect this condition, a small pet will try to seize the power. “
«God, the patron of the dead, necropolises and cemeteries, one of the judges of the realm of the dead, the keeper of poisons and medicines, the “guide of souls”.
Anubis puts the heart of the deceased on one scale, and the goddess of the truth Maat in the form of an ostrich feather is placed on the other. A soul that is heavier than a feather will immediately be devoured by a terrible monster.»
Appearing in our house, the dog becomes simultaneously a friend and a disturber of our calmness, an interlocutor and someone who will never be able to understand you. Since the time of rock painting, the dog has always been the one who was simultaneously subjugated and worshiped. By accustoming the animal to react in a certain way to our actions (another we can not do, otherwise it will destroy our world), we denote the line between nature and culture, but how to determine its sufficiency? And is not this rupture a mirror in which a person is reflected.