Acquired Reflex

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It Must Be Beautiful
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Together with LЁD collective:
Acquired Reflex


Project by LЁD collective

Our childhood has passed in a country that no longer exists, as there are no such values that belonged to it anymore. We grew up somewhere at the crossroads of epochs and came into the world of electronic impulses and capitalism. What defines the personal values from our common past and present history?

In this project we spy for ourselves, for the behavior in those situations where it is impossible to determine accurately who or what chooses the strategy of our actions: ourselves or stereotype, habit, acquired earlier reflex.

Everyone found himself in a situation where the committed work looks strange, counterintuitive in today’s system of individual values. How we make decisions, and can we control it completely, by changing our inherited behavior code?

We construct “normal” everyday stories and are living through them again. It creates our common fictive flashback. Image here is a document of that remembrance – the ability to recognize our own template, a place where the viewer becomes an accomplice of our actions.